Desert Treasure RunescapeQuest Helper

Prior to going down, be sure that you’ve obtained your face mask. You may want to play low detail here, as there is a smoke animation over the display which gets annoying. Go to the northeast corner of the dungeon and find the standing flashlight.
It is possible to eliminate it by trapping it between the door and a barrier present only in the front of the door. There are Azzanadra from the altar room who can not separate truth from his projections. He considers that the God Wars are still going on and talks about some ancient civilizations. He’s shocked to realize that he can’t hear Zaros in his own mind . When he eventually comes to terms with the truth, he rewards the player with all the Ancient Magicks of Zaros as reward for finding the four diamonds of Azzanadra.
When you get there, use the pot of blood on the big coffin and a vampire will leap out. A good deal of individuals stand behind the fence and stove or mage him, but he could teleport right alongside you. His melee attack is very powerful, so shield from that. He sends out bats to attack you who are a mix of magic and range — they will hit a double five nearly every moment. Malak cuts down a bit and gives you the diamond. Since you’ll use prayer against this guy, it does not matter too much what armour you are wearing.
OSRS Quest Desert Treasure
Learn more about Fletching OSRS Guide here. You may use ranged, melee attacks and magic . Mages are needed to utilize Fire Spells because they are the only ones that work on him. Fire bolt is one of the best ones and very accurate. It may be cast continuously without needing to revive for quite a while. You might also boost the spell’s greatest hit by using the madness gauntlets.
He attacks using a mixture of range and melee, so bring good rune or barrows kind armour. You’ll need about four or even five prayer potions, a druid pouch, and plenty of excellent food. Apparently he’s weak to air type charms, (wind waves, etc.) but you can also use a whip.
Have a small talk with him and he will tell you that a few individuals have ignored something off him, he would like you to get it back. Remember not to wear anything Saradomin or even Zamarok related for fear of incurring the anger of the friendly locals. Head to the southern part of the camp and you ought to come across a locked chest within a tent. This can be frustrating, as the lockpick can break in the mechanism and the torso can poison you.
Talk with bartender and pay 650 coins to get a beer. Bartender will tell you about four Diamonds of all Azzanadra. This step is mandatory before talking with Eblis. Otherwise, you will not have the ability to speak with him concerning diamonds. Attack and kill Damis’ first form, which is level 103 and just strikes with Melee and is rather simple to beat.