Killing Zulrah To Make Easy Money In OSRS

killing zulrah in osrs

Zulrah is a good boss in OSRS to make money from due to the fact that it has low requirements to kill and the fact that you can get a good, consistent amount of gold per hour by slaying it.

Killing Zulrah in OSRS can get you about 160,000 worth of OSRS gp for a one-time kill. Once you get familiarized in killing Zulrah, you can expect to make anywhere between 2 Million and 4 Million OSRS gold.

This can get you to earn up to 10 Million per day by simply spending 4 hours of your time playing RuneScape.

Another great thing about making money by killing Zulrah in OSRS is that even if you die during combat, you can still retrieve all the stuff you lost without the need to pay for them. This is not an option you can take advantage of on other quests and this makes this the best quest for OSRS beginners.

Requirement For Killing Zulrah In OSRS

You must have Regicide Quest to unlock Zulrah that will require you to have a level 56 Agility and subquests like Plague City, Bio-Hazard, and Underground Pass.

Without the Regicide Quest, you cannot teleport near to Zul-andra area.

Helpful OSRS Skills To Have

  • 80+ Magic Skill
  • 70+ Ranged Skill
  • 40+ Defence Skill
  • 40+ Prayer Skill

Recommended Gear Setup

  • Trident of the swamp and Toxic blowpipe for weapons
  • Farseer helm for head slot
  • Mystic robes and Blessed d’hide armor for armors
  • Book of darkness for shield slot
  • Barrows gloves for gloves slot
  • Occult necklace and amulet glory for jewelry slot
  • Any God cape for cape slot

You may also use better OSRS items like Ahrim’s hood, Ahrim’s armors with Eternal boots, Malediction ward, Necklace of anguish, or Arrows assembler to make it easier to kill Zulrah. But if you only want to use the best items and need to make the most amount of gold, then we recommend this gear setup.

Best Gear Setup For Killing Zulrah

  • Trident of the swamp and Toxic blowpipe for your weapons
  • Ancestral robes and Armadyl armors for your armors
  • Eternal boots and Pegasian boots for your boots slot
  • Ancestral hat and Armadyl helmet for your head slot
  • Arcane spirit shield for your shield slot
  • Tormented bracelet and Barrows gloves for your gloves slot
  • Occult necklace, Necklace of anguish, and Ring of suffering for your jewelry slot
  • Any God cape imbued and any arrows assembler for your cape slot

Also, make sure to bring a lot of the best affordable food, Super restores, Prayer and Ranging potions, Anti-Venom+, saradomin brews, and teleportation methods to Zul-Andra.

How To Kills Zulrah In OSRS

Zulrah has three different forms with unique strengths and weaknesses which are:

Green Form Zulrah

Which is using ranged attack and is vulnerable to magic attacks, that’s the reason why it’s recommended for you to use ranged prayer protection and attack him with your magic attack.

Red Form Zulrah

Use your mage gear to fight this form of Zulrah, she can hit up to 40+ and stun you after using some wiggle animation which is her special attack.

When she wiggles that’s a sign that you have to move from your spot. You could also hide behind two pillars that will absorb the attack, but check the rotations map first!

Blue Form Zulrah

You will need to use a protection mage against this form and use your blowpipe as she is vulnerable to ranged attacks. You also need to protect mage because she is using this combat style most often and hit the hardest, but sometimes she will hit with ranged attacks for which there is no way to protect from.

Important Reminder

During the fight, Zulrah will be generating venom clouds and minions known as snakelings that can deal up to 15+ damage to you. To defeat these snakelings it is highly recommended that you have a Ring of recoil or Ring of suffering charged with Rings of recoil because snakelings will kill themselves after hitting you as they only have a single hitpoint. Also, it is best to have an anti-venom+ potion ready (or wield Serpentine helm), otherwise you risk getting poisoned by venom clouds and Zulrah’s mage/range attacks. Clouds will still deal damage to you even if you’re using an anti-venom+ potion or Serpentine helm, these tools will only protect you from getting poisoned.

That’s it for our money making guide by killing Zulrah in OSRS. Good luck!

How To Buy RuneScape Gold Online Safely

runescape gold

When playing online games, one of the best resources one could manage to have is OSRS Gold.

What is Runescape gold?

Runescape gold is an in-game currency that allows you to purchase various in-game items direct by the grand exchange or from trading with your fellow players. Runescape gold has become popular with the start of online gaming and these grand trades are one of the biggest earners for the gaming companies.

When you buy Runescape gold, then you should be careful as you could end up conned if you are not cautious enough. Before you embark on shopping for OSRS Gold, you need to think about the five items I have listed below.

Check Google Reviews Of RuneScape Gold Sellers

Google is certainly the largest search engine on the internet right now, so it has several resources on the sites which have been reviewed. Therefore, this should be used by you and go through reviews of RS Gold promoting websites and this will give you a picture that is true. Testimonials are generated by users of these sites and there is a good deal of honesty that will surely tell you where to shop to your OSRS Gold.

There are numerous OSRS Gold sellers online these testimonials will be a great start for you whenever you’re choosing where to begin from this is if you have never bought OSRS Gold before.

Compare the Costs of the Runescape Gold

I am sure that after checking out Google reviews of OSRS Gold vendors, you have a large list of these sellers available. You ought to take the effort to check out these sites yourself. I’m certain that you will be certain which website has the best OSRS Gold prices. However, cheap sometimes might not the best alternative.

Low rates for OSRS Gold may indicate scammers so it is a good idea for you to check out just the sites with rates.

Ask For Your Delivery Method

Each website has its own method of delivering you are the product. Even though this is true, you ought to avoid sellers who have methods of shipping. The website should give you guidelines for securely delivering your RS Gold. The site should supply precautions you need to keep to avoid being tricked or waxed in the process of delivery.

Compare the Delivery Time

Everybody would love to see that their OSRS Gold delivered immediately to them. All websites should mention how long your OSRS Gold needs to take to reach you. A fantastic OSRS Gold trade takes between 3 to 15 minutes to be total. You should be warned of this if the site you opted to buy from is having longer than normal time to complete your transaction. Such sites should be avoided as you can end up with no OSRS Gold after paying upwards.

If you follow the guide I’ve made for you over, make certain your OSRS Gold shopping will be smooth and without any hassles.