OSRS Glarial’s Amulet Guide

Go again to the entrance, and take the path to the west, and run past the Fire Giants – unless you need to struggle them. Go to the door in the north, and use the important thing you just discovered with it. Then, choose up the subsequent key to apply it to the following door. You will enter a room with 6 pillars. Once you’re in the cave, open and search the chest to get Glarial’s Amulet.
13750 Attack XP, Strength XP, 2 Diamonds, 2 Gold bar, 40 Mithril seeds , entry to the Waterfall Dungeon and a couple of free Treasure Hunter keys. Must be capable of take damage from level 28 Hobgoblins, level 46 Shadow spiders, degree 61 Moss giants , degree eighty five Fire giants, and various skeletons. Make certain you even have Glarial’s amulet and Glarial’s urn in your inventory. This quest may be completed at degree 3 combat by way of a lot of effort. Completing it will improve your Attack and Strength levels to degree 30 , and your combat level to 22.
From there, head to the Spirit tree northeast of the Grand Exchange and use it to teleport to the Tree Gnome Village. Leave the village by way of the unfastened railing to the southwest and head east to the doorway of the dungeon. Go to the Tree Gnome Village Maze and make your way through it to the dungeon ladder and climb down.
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Since there’s nothing you can do to get Hudon to come back home, you might as well do a bit of exploring your self. Head into the Tourist Centre simply to the south. Also watch out for Moss giants as they’ll use magic assaults, which hit as much as 184. Get within the barrel and you will find yourself by a fence, follow it up to a house.
After talking to her, head to the again of her house, and board the raft. To begin, talk to Almera in her house. Check out OSRS Dwarf Cannon here and become a better OSRS player. Her home is positioned directly south of the Barbarian Outpost teleport and west of the coal trucks mining location, near McGrubor’s Wood.