Roving Elves

Learn more about Old School RuneScape Herblore Training here. Before continuing with the quest, it is going to be useful if you go to the bank and deposit your weapon as in West Ardougne you can not have any weapons apart from the Mourner outfit. Inside the store speak to Oronwen and give her two silk along with one bear fur, then followed by the ruined trousers. While you wait you can buy from her all the dye you need for the quest assuming that you don’t have these . She will fix them and give them back to you.
When you’ve defeated the giant, pick up the Consecration seed. When you’ve entered the Waterfall Dungeon, go into the eastern area and search the crates before you find A key. Now, enter the western area and use the key on the door, then again onto the next door. Plant the Consecration seed close to the grave along with a little crystal tree will look.
Roving Elves OSRS Quest
Plant the consecration seed up on the small hill. An animated crystal tree may look because of this. Teleport to Ardougne and go to the northern side. Utilize the Grarial’s pebble on the Glarial’s tomb and you’ll enter in the tomb. Move at the center of the dungeons and kill the monster giant and pick up the consecration seed.
Return to the elves and tell them what happened. You will have a choice between a Crystal bow or shield. Go into the first eastern room and search the crates to find’A key’. Now go into the room directly into the west and use the key on the door, and then on the next door for to Glarial’s grave. ‘Crystal expansion’ will sprout then vanish.
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  • Teleport to Ardougne and go to the northern side.
  • As from the Waterfall Quest, you require Glarial’s pebble to input it, which you may get from Golrie from the Gnome Village Dungeon in case you don’t have it already.
  • It’s thus advised to bring enough food and a few Rings of recoil.
  • Oddly enough, she moves her lips, but there is not any sound coming out of them while she enchants it.

The required requirements, then you’ll have the ability to accept the quest. To the puzzle is at a nearby cage of the starting panel. Armor to kill the level 195 demon and operate through large level monsters. Proceed to the Rimmington Chemist which was in the Biohazard quest. Use your crystal on it and it’ll start to glow.
In this quest you’re challenged to conquer Islwyn’s prejudice against humans and relieve the burdens of the past. Return to the Isafdar woods and talk with Eluned. She will take the Consecration seed, then sing into it, and then give it back to you.